Nap&Up’s story

It all started on the university benches when we were looking for an original idea for a presentation… we started dreaming of a nap that could give us some energy. After another yawn, the idea of a nap truck that would criss-cross the streets of Paris to the rescue of tired people crossed our minds. A few months later, we embark on our first entrepreneurial adventure, and what an adventure!
Very quickly, the first sketches take shape, and our first projects come true. Our idea of a truck has been cocooned. Do-it-yourselfers, we decided to create everything ourselves in the family carpentry workshops, always ready to help us but who could not imagine the work that it was going to give! Nap&Up was born.

100% French naps

Today it is the ANAR sewing workshop located in Nevers and our partners in Strasbourg who are in charge of all the production.

And yes! Nap&Up is 100% Made In France and intends to remain so.

You think the cocoon looks like a hut? That’s exactly what we were looking for! Yes, who has never dreamed of taking a nap in a tree house? So imagine for a moment that you could fall back into childhood at your workplace… The dream!

But what is Nap&Up? 

The goal of Nap&Up is to democratize the micro-nap in companies with the  nap cocoon that adapts to any type of space. When we set up in companies we also develop an awareness approach to make people aware of the importance of sleep. These awareness actions consist of sophrology workshops and conferences led by sleep doctors. The objective is to explain and make people understand the benefits of the micro-nap and to learn how to practice it.
In addition to this, we offer access to guided micro-nap audios. Thanks to our great team of doctors and sophrologists who accompany us in this adventure, we have designed from A to Z audios capable of disconnecting you in your workplace. Nothing could be simpler: you just plug the audios into your cell phone and let yourself be carried away!

Nouveau Cocon a sieste Nap and Up vu de profil