The cocoon works with a mobile application that guides you towards optimal relaxation.

In order to offer your employees a perfect experience,
Nap&Up has developed a mobile application including a complete service offer :

1. 100+ power nap audio options

To help your employees to disconnect, we provide them with relaxation audios.
Developed in partnership with sophrologists and hypnotherapists, they are designed to meet their current needs during the workday

The audios are all composed of :
– themes developed by sophrologists, to adapt to the needs of the employee during his working day.
– varied soundtracks to allow you to take a nap according to your moods
– nap times to allow employees to relax as needed

2. User friendly booking system

Thanks to the anonymous reservation system, employees can easily schedule the day, time and nap time. They will also be able to select a particular cocoon.

3. Monthly feedback on your nap room statistics

Every month, you will receive feedback on the reservations made in your company’s nap room. This feedback will allow you to know the evolution of the frequentation of your space, but also the rate of use of the audios and the new monthly users