Top 10 solutions to improve the quality of working life at the office

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At a time when the pace of work is so unstable, it is more important than ever to keep motivation and positivity ! What would you say if we begin the year with a resolution to help employees with their well-being?

Here are some ideas for good solutions that can help everyone’s day-to-day life and recharge your battery in the office

Here are some ideas for good solutions that can help your day-to-day life and that of your team to recharge your batteries in the office.

1. Train your employees to keep a good posture while at work

In all professions, your employees must use specific movements and positions in order to perform their duties. These gestures are often carried out mechanically, on a daily basis, without any too much attention being paid to them.

However, bad support or improper movement can have serious consequences for the health of your employees. To counterbalance this, you can implement a posture training with the Antimauxdedos company, this will teach your employees the ideal positions to adopt for their posture. This will help them work better and preserve their health. These are relaxation sessions for your teams that can improve their well-being. 

2. Educate your employees on healthy eating habits

Often, lack of time, or rather the fact that we live in a rush, prevents us from taking a real lunch break and eating a balanced meal. It is therefore essential to attract the attention of its employees to opt for a healthy diet, whether at work or in their daily lives. An idea might be to call on a nutritionist to help them establish a balanced and fitting diet.

To complete this process you can always opt for the establishment of a cafeteria with Braam for example. Enjoy professional, eco-friendly coffee beans, healthy snacks, water fountains and much more…

3. Bring your four legged friends!

According to a study it has been proven that having our pets in our workplace can reduce stress throughout  the day. In addition, a survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association revealed that the presence of our four-legged friends in the office would not only increase productivity but would also be a way to encourage exchanges between colleagues. Having our pets in the office would be a natural anti-stressor, which would bring positivity, both for the owners but also for colleagues.

4. Meditation to reduce stress

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to manage stress and anxiety. So why not set it up at your company?

This practice is not complicated to initiate, just set up  a quiet space, where your employees will not be disturbed. To start this activity you can hire a sophrologist or a company specialized in this field like Equanima which will show your team easy exercises to adopt and perform when they need.

Meditating allows employees to improve their stress management but also to increase their ability to concentrate and pay attention !

5. Create a small garden to share in the office

It is about creating a space for your employees to come together and participate in caring for something. Creating a small vegetable garden within your open-space allows you to create a relaxing work environment and create team cohesion. Tomatoes and aromatic herbs are great things that grow in your company garden  and may even be used in healthy dishes that you cook at the office. In addition, beyond the playful aspect, this office garden is also an excellent way to engage your company in a CSR approach. To learn more about this practice you can consult cielmonradis


6. Do a sport !

Sports are an important development axis for the well-being of your employees, 94% of employees who do a sport say they are happy  to practice it at work. 

And we all know it, training regularly for physical activity, effectively reduces stress! 

There are many ways to implement sports in your company. 

1. Group sports 

For example : A coach can go to your area and facilitate yoga or boxing classes between noon and two.  The Basket Break  offers plenty of options  that you can set up.

2. Subscription

Sign up for a gym near your company for your employees. They will have at their disposal sports equipment and coaches

7. Set up a wake up room

Offer your employees a real break thanks to a common space that invites your employees to leisure, so that they are able to take a break during their busy days. In this place you can organize several activities such as a foosball table, a table tennis table, board games, video games… or a space dedicated to drawings, coloring and DIY which are recognized today as manual exercises that can reduce stress and improve concentration.

8. Create a relaxation space within your company

The break room would be a place dedicated to employees so that they can get a break in their day. Today, more and more companies rely on these spaces for the well-being of their employees. Break rooms allow for a real break from work, where they have the opportunity to take a regenerative nap in a quiet place before returning to their job. After this they are relaxed and more productive !

So why not set it up at your company? Do you like a nap cocoon room? Then try the adventure with Nap&Up !

9. Encourage the use of eco-friendly transportation

In recent years, sustainable transportation has become a real social issue. Many solutions are at your disposal to encourage this approach in your company. Encourage your employees to opt for commuting by bike whenever possible! Facilitate the support of self-service bike subscriptions or finance part of their electrical equipment. To go further, you can also, for example, set up secure parking lots or a place for them to ensure that their equipment is in a protected area. Find the solutions of Starbolt, to support you in this proces.

10. Set up green spaces in the office

Green plants bring many benefits to your place for the comfort of your employees. They help to reduce stress, boost motivation but also productivity. Their presence in your office is also very useful to purify the air from microscopic dust particles and pollution.
In this way you offer your employees a healthier environment, with fewer allergens and regularly renewed oxygen. Indoor plants also provide a natural regulation of temperature and humidity. To help you to develop this approach within your company you can consult: Plant Breathe!
Today,  being happy at work is one of the most important criteria for future employees. This factor will allow you to recruit new employees but especially to effectively hire your employees for your company. If you put in place some of the tips we’ve mentioned above, you’ve already come a long way to improve workplace well-being in your company. However we must be careful not to fall into misinformation.


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