A week’s package to raise awareness of sleep disorders and a practical initiation to power napping.

  • Setting up our flexible power nap cocoons with explanations by the Nap&Up team.
  • Communication : distribution of pamphlets and goodies.
  • Power nap workshops and conferences on sleep habits and disorders, conducted by sophrologists and neuro-scientists who we have partenered up with.


Setting up long term, flexible power napping cocoons in your premises.

  • Setting up the resting space and assisting you with the layout.
  • Provision of power nap audio guides.
  • Provision of a booking system to organise your naps.
  • A custom made assistance : power nap workshops, conferences

Discover everything the cocoon has to offer...

100% French and responsibly manufactured : our cocoons are entirely manufactured in France with ESATs (centres providing care for disabled people through employment).
Visual isolation : the Nap&Up cocoon allows a complete visual isolation, essential for a serene power nap.
An ergonomic seat : The seat has been designed hand in hand with ergonomists. The semi-reclined position is the most suitable one for power napping.
A flexible cocoon : Our cocoon can be installed and uninstalled in less than 5 minutes and adapts to any type of environment.
An external timer : The external timer enables people on the outside to see how much time is left before they can use the napping cocoon.
Power napping audio guides : the Nap&Up cocoons are equiped with power nap audio guides that allow the user to totally disconnect while in the cocoon.