At Nap&Up, we want the business of tomorrow to be a real place of development centered on people. We see the business as a health partner of its employees.
We get involved every day with our customers by offering a complete solution for the productivity and health of their employees.
Value the body means giving it primary needs: drinking, eating, breathing, resting. Many studies show that every day we accumulate sleep debt
Nap & Up has chosen to meet this need for sleep by offering the possibility of recharging its batteries at work.
What is a powernap?

A powernap is a light sleep between 5 and 20 minutes maximum. This time corresponds to the sleep phase which precedes deep sleep, so don’t exceed 20 minutes!

When we are awake, our brains accumulate what researchers call the «sleep pressure» which reaches its maximum before falling asleep. Taking a rest during the day reduces this pressure. During this phase, the body relaxes but remains sensitive to external stimuli. It stimulates normal sleep and increase the benefits

Powernap in a few figures

1/3 this is what sleep means in your life*

45% of French people don’t think they get enough sleep, which is felt at work: 20%
admit to dozing in secret at their workplace **

80% of French people are victims of chronic slashes*

Powernap at work, what are the benefits?

• Improved memory

Creativity development

• Reduced stress and mood regulation

Increased productivity and performance

• Better concentration

Good physical or intellectual performance

* According to an OpinionWay study conducted in June 2016
** According to a study by INPES