Our mission: Improving workplace well-being through relaxation spaces

At Nap&Up, we envision the workplace of tomorrow as a genuine hub of human flourishing, with the company serving as a health partner for its employees.

Every day, we proactively engage with our clients by providing comprehensive solutions for employee productivity and health.

Recognizing the importance of the body begins with addressing its basic needs: hydration, nutrition, breathing, and rest. Numerous studies indicate that we accrue a sleep debt each day.

Nap&Up has chosen to meet this need for sleep by offering an opportunity to recharge one’s batteries at the workplace.


A micro-nap is a brief nap lasting between 5 and 20 minutes. This duration corresponds to the sleep phase that precedes deep sleep and should not exceed 20 minutes.

While we are awake, our brain accumulates what researchers call “sleep pressure,” which peaks before falling asleep. Taking a moment to rest during the day reduces this pressure. During this phase, the body relaxes but remains responsive to external stimuli. It promotes normal sleep and maximizes its benefits.

French Sleep Statistics

Sleep represents 1/3 of your life

45% of French people believe they do not get enough sleep, which affects their work, which 20% admitting to secretly dozing off at their workplace

80% of French people experience chronic bouts of fatigue

Benefits of Micro-Napping
in the Workplace:

The History of Nap&Up

It all began in 2016 while we were in college, brainstorming for an original presentation. We started dreaming of a nap that could rejuvenate us. Amidst another yawn, the idea of a nap truck roaming the streets of Paris to rescue tired individuals crossed our minds. A few months later, we embarked on our first entrepreneurial journey, and what a journey it has been!

Soon, our initial sketches took shape, and our first projects began to materialize. What had started as the idea of a nap truck transformed into the concept of the nap cocoon. As DIY enthusiasts, we decided to create everything ourselves in our family woodworking workshops, always ready to assist but far from imagining the scale of the project. Nap&Up was born.


Today, our nap cocoons are manufactured in France with our partners in Strasbourg, who handle all production.

Furthermore, Nap&Up is committed to responsible practices and collaborates closely with ESAT, including the ANAR sewing workshop located in Nevers.

* Selon une étude d’OpinionWay menée en juin 2016
** Selon une étude de l’INPES

Nap&Up in Numbers:

  • Presence in France and internationally in over 6 countries
  • Over 500 clients
  • Cocoon installations in various locations, including private/public companies, hospitals/nursing homes, universities, highway rest areas, coworking spaces, and more!