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The Nap & Up Cocoon

The micro-nap cocoon serves as a true decompression bubble to disconnect from your work environment and regain energy under the best possible conditions.

Since 2016, Nap&Up has been working on improving workplace well-being and promoting the practice of micro-naps and recovery breaks in the professional environment.

Discover the first turnkey micro-nap solution, including a zero-gravity reclining chair, visual isolation, and a mobile app with customizable audio to enhance relaxation time.

cocon à micro-sieste pour les espaces de travail

The canopy provides real privacy and a serene sense of letting go. Multiple colors are available; just ask us!

Zero-gravity position, ideal for recovery

Choose the base you prefer: a French wooden base or a recycled plastic base!

Flexible and lightweight, it moves easily for versatile spaces

Treated for fire resistance and compatible with virucidal products. Discover the Hygiene cocoon

Give your employees a productive break with the nap cocoon

All our cocoons are made in France in the Grand Est region. Furthermore, Nap&Up is committed to responsible practices and collaborates closely with ESATs (Etablissement et service d’aide par le travail, or Work Assistance Centers)

Disconnect at work
with the Nap&Up app!

A comprehensive application including

1. Customizable relaxation audio

To help your employees disconnect, we provide them with customizable relaxation audio that can be enjoyed in the cocoon, during their commute, or even at home. Over 500 audio options are available today, including sophrology, short stories, ambient sounds, and more.

2. Reservation system

For perfect space optimization, users book a micro-nap slot through the anonymous reservation system.

3. Monthly feedback on your nap room's statistics

In the form of a monthly newsletter, the company receives a comprehensive and anonymous statistical report on space usage (number of reservations, audio plays, new sign-ups, etc.).

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Cocoon prices

What does the Nap&Up solution include?

  • A nap cocoon with base, armchair, and pillow
  • Unlimited acces to our application (premium version offered for the first year)
  • Delivery service included (in mainland France, assembly not included)

3800€ excluding VAT
for our standard cocoon

4400€ exluding VAT
for our hygiene + cocoon

On a tight budget? Contact us for refurbished or baseless versions starting from €1700 excluding VAT!

Are you a private company?

Take advantage of our rental offer and rent our cocoon for €6/day!*

*Starting from €178/month for a standard cocoon on a 48-month basis.

They trust us

+ 600 customer references


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Accordion Content

The Nap&Up nap cocoon measures 166 cm in length and 90.5 cm in width when open, and 108 cm in width when closed. It is highly flexible, folding and unfolding in under 10 seconds, making it adaptable to various configurations (such as converting a meeting room in the morning into a nap room in the afternoon). Just to give you an idea, we have already installed two nap cocoons in 8 m2 rooms.

No, that’s the advantage of our nap cocoon! The visual isolation provided by the cocoons allows them to be installed in a space that is not dedicated to napping, as long as the space is quiet! If desired, we can also set up screens. Thanks to the lowering canopy and accompanying audio, it’s easier to disconnect from your surroundings anywhere. However, please consider the following question…

Avoid placing it in the middle of the cafeteria, next to the executive office, or in the middle of the entrance hall. Choose a quiet and relatively isolated location. But again, you don’t necessarily need four walls and a dedicated room.

One per person! 😉 No, of course not. We recommend that our clients purchase 2 nap cocoons for an average of 150 employees. This also allows you to initially test how many people use them and increase the number of cocoons later if needed.

Micro-napping is recognized as a factor for enhancing productivity, reducing stress, and improving concentration. Studies also show that 80% of French employees occasionally experience fatigue at work, and 72% believe it has a negative impact on their work. In response to these figures, it has also been proven that a 20-minute nap leads to a 35% increase in productivity and creativity, as well as reduced stress and improved mood regulation. Still in doubt?

Not much, other than having well-rested and more productive employees. But if you’re concerned that they might spend too much time in the cocoon, don’t worry, Nap&Up has got it covered! When we install it in your company, we provide you with a personalized access code to our application. This allows all your employees to access a reservation system where they can book their nap in advance and not exceed the defined time. Moreover, you’ll have access to a wide selection of guided micro-nap audio, all of which include a built-in alarm at the end of the session.

The Nap&Up nap cocoon, including the chair and wooden base, weighs 22 kilograms.

Our nap cocoons are in midnight blue for proper visual isolation. However, you can choose a different color for the first part of the canopy: red, sunflower yellow, duck blue, glacier, or turquoise.

Absolutely. Our nap cocoon is the result of French industry, innovation, and creativity. We have chosen to carry out essential manufacturing stages of our product in France, and part of the cocoon is made in a reintegration workshop.

The cocoon can be easily assembled with the help of an assembly guide. If needed, we can also arrange for a professional assembler to come to your company.
You won’t be in complete darkness, which makes waking up easier. However, due to its visual isolation and provided sleep masks, relaxation will certainly be achievable, trust us! Regarding noise, we’ve designed it with thin fabric walls to help people with claustrophobia feel more comfortable. With the Nap&Up app and its micro-nap audio, you can disconnect from the external environment. If you don’t have a dedicated nap space for the cocoons and anticipate too much surrounding noise, we recommend purchasing active noise-canceling headphones.

Our cocoon offers a partially open design and thin fabric walls to make you feel more comfortable and address your concerns.

Don’t worry, our reservation system limits the time spent in the cocoon to 25 minutes. Recharge your batteries and return to work with joy and enthusiasm. Plus, there’s an alarm integrated at the end of each audio session to ensure you don’t exceed the allotted time.

We offer awareness programs through special days and weeks (temporary nap spaces, workshops, conferences, etc.), as well as a rental service!

We offer a version of our cocoon with fabric that is compatible with virucidal products.

Absolutely! Everyone deserves a nap. Our cocoons have been tested with individuals of all body types.