How to practice a good micro nap?

What is a Power Nap? 

Power Nap, or flash nap … many names are given to the micro-nap.

This is simply summed up by a short break allowing all those who practice it to rest for a period of time between 5 and 20 minutes.

It is possible to classify the nap in three categories:

  • The micro-nap : It lasts less than 5 minutes and does not present any real sleep. It is a moment of relaxation that improves memory and attention.
  • The nap from 10 to 20 minutes : This nap consists only of light slow wave sleep. It is practiced in the early afternoon in a quiet place and lasts less than 30 minutes. It improves alertness, memory, performance and productivity.
  • The “sleep cycle” nap : It lasts one sleep cycle, i.e. between 30 minutes and 1 hour. It allows you to recover a sleep debt accumulated during the week.

To perform a good micro-nap, we recommend a suitable environment:

  • Preferably isolate yourself in a quiet place, allowing you to let go completely.
  • Dim the light, for example with a sleep mask. Don’t plunge yourself into total darkness, you might forget yourself in a night mode sleep. In addition, your alarm clock will be easier and more pleasant.
  • Avoid visual distractions : no cell phone or tablet once you’ve taken your seat, they too need a break!
  • Optional : have a coffee! As surprising as it may seem, having a coffee before a nap can have beneficial effects on waking up. In fact, caffeine takes 20 minutes to take effect … the time it takes for a micro-nap!

Once you have completed all these elements, all you have to do is : 

  • Put your phone in “airplane mode”.
  • Find the most comfortable position, have the maximum amount of contact points between the body and the support on which you are installed.
  • Adopt the most comfortable outfit and get rid of anything that can bother you or tighten you up (glasses, belts, ties, etc.).
  • Choose an audio accompaniment (voice or music) to help stop “distracting thoughts”.
  • Allow enough time not to neglect the awakening phase and thus obtain the optimal benefits of the micro-nap: rest + tonicity + dynamism.

Have a nice nap! 😉


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