How to return to school or work ?

The alarm clock just went off, you’re under your sheets and you’re apprehending this first day. No more white sand beaches and barbecues or appetizers and naps in the hammock, it is time to get back to work!But returning to work also means returning to a pleasant and familiar environment.So to make sure that this new school year gives you a fresh start, Nap&Up gives you 5 tips to start this new year in great shape.

1. Get organized 

Tidying, sorting, and throwing things away will allow you to put your life in order and to see everything more clearly in your daily life. Whether at home or at the office, it’s always good to feel comfortable in your environment.

Store your summer clothes in the closet, organize your office as you see fit (it’s always interesting to change layout and decor to give a little pep!)

And if you ever need a hand, we recommend Fumio Sasaki’s book, “The Essentials, Nothing Else”. In this book, you will find lots of specific tips to implement in your daily life. You can discover the full potential of minimalism and its benefits.

You will start to notice messes  and people who accumulate business. This book will quickly convince you that a little sorting of our lives can go a long way.

2. Try a physical activity

Physical activities allow us to release our energy in a different way while taking a step away from work.

If you are not feeling very motivated to go for a run or go to the gym, try swimming, yoga, or pilates. They are still physical activities that allow your brain to rest.

3. Listen to sophrology audios, meditate

Sophrology is known to ease tensions and allow you to focus on yourself. If you are feeling stressed about going back to work, or your return to work is not going as imagined, take the time to do 10-minute sophrology sessions in the morning, when you wake up, or in the evening before bed.

You will quickly feel all the benefits!

4. Enjoy the beautiful weather with friends

Back to school doesn’t necessarily mean the end of summer. In September there are still nice and sometimes warm days! Why not take the opportunity to go out after work for drinks on the terrace with friends or to stroll around your city?

As Robert Half says, “the right balance between personal and professional life is an essential factor of well-being in the office: it is still the cause of quitting for 12% of French employees”.

Take advantage of summer’s end in a different universe than your work. Alongside friends or family, find a leisure activity such as sports, outings, or cultural activities that will make you feel more happy and fulfilled.

5. Take a nap

Who said we should stop napping when returning to work? Could not be us !

If your company has a nap space or a corner to rest, use it! This way the return to work will be much smoother. The nap will allow you to recover both physically and mentally. A small break in your day, and you will go back to work in peace!

If you do not know how to take a proper micro-nap, do not hesitate to consult our article right here.

And if you don’t have a nap space at work…maybe it’s time to ask for one! If you do not know how to bring up the topic of conversation, call us and we will gladly help.

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