Napping in the Workplace, What and Who Is It For?

Is micro-napping beneficial for the company? Positive effects on :

  • 1- Productivity

Sleep is the first factor influencing an individual’s intellectual and physical capacity.
A NASA study states that a micro-nap of about 20 minutes would increase productivity by 35%.
Beyond productivity, it is also creativity that is boosted during this short moment of respite.

  • 2- Psychosocial Risks and Absenteeism

The psychosocial risks incurred by stress, ill-being and loss of motivation represent a real cost for the company. Reducing these risks is a real challenge for employers and HR.
It has been proven that a 20-minute nap reduces blood pressure and stress, and therefore the risk of burnout and cardiovascular accidents. By the same token, a reduction in stress leads to less impulsive, more thoughtful decision-making on the part of employees.
The nap is part of a proactive approach by companies to resolve work-related risks.

  • 3- Living in Harmony, Through a Positive Corporate Culture

One person out of 8 suffers from sleep disorders. This has a negative impact on character, leading to more nervousness, lowered mood, compulsive behavior and, logically, on relationships with others. By reducing these sleep disturbances and by offering employees the opportunity to regenerate themselves during the brief moment of a micro-nap, the company contributes to a better living together. A relaxed and balanced team will be inclined to group cohesion. Employee satisfaction leads directly to team effectiveness.

The practice of napping is part of a corporate culture that values human capital and honors the well-being of the employee. Legitimized by the employees, the shared corporate culture contributes to the social and economic success of the company.

  • 4- Employer Brand

A company’s HR function is no longer limited to managing human resources, but to attracting and retaining new talent. The managerial expectations of young talent are changing. HR practices must be proactive and find answers to these new expectations.
By being part of an innovative managerial practice, the practice of the nap represents a major asset for the employer brand of companies.

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