5 good reasons to install a napping space in your company

New management methods to improve quality of life at work are becoming more and more popular within businesses. Therefore more and more working spaces are beginning to implement and encourage the creation of rest, game, reading, or sports areas. 

Within these spaces there are napping chairs made to help workers relax. But what are the real benefits of taking a nap at work? Here are 5 good reasons to install a napping space in your company.

1. A place to relax and take a break in the workplace

Who has never felt the need to close their eyes for a few minutes at work after a long night, or the need to clear their head after a busy morning?

When we work in offices and open spaces, we are constantly distracted by external factors. This is why it is necessary to create a Zen space that provides everyone with a space to disconnect. 

For some, this relaxation space could be a way to isolate themselves for a moment and concentrate before a meeting or presentation. For others, it would be a Zen space that would allow them to take a break and close their eyes for a few moments.

In order to create this special break room, you need to develop a calm and relaxed environment that will give your employees a more satisfactory break. For example, you could set up a nap cocoon.

Here are some tips to help organize a restful environment:

  • choose a room away from noise (for example, a room far away from the cafeteria)
  • add softened lighting to rest the eyes
  • equip the space with napping furniture
  • Preserve everyone’s privacy with isolating furniture
  • arrange your nap room in a pleasant atmosphere with plants or scent diffusers

2.The nap room, an key asset to seduce young people

Workplaces are now seen as social spaces rather than just work spaces. For millennials, the quality of life at work in the office is one of the most important criteria when looking for jobs. 

Today, young people expect more from their workplace and hope it will assist them in their personal development as well as professional.

They are hoping for new forms of work such as: remote working, coworking, team building, rest areas, etc. In order to recruit and retain employees, it is now expected that you create a set of mini solutions that work towards improving the wellbeing of the office.

By creating these solutions, we can show the new working generation that they too have an important role in the company and that their employers do in fact care about their quality of life at work. Additionally, this initiative can be utilized by all employees.

In a few years, future companies will have automatically implemented these methods so don’t hesitate to start now !

3. A rest area that meets legal obligations

According to the decree of January 12th, 1984, establishments with 1000 employees or more are required to have an infirmary. This place must include a resting area and an isolation space.

So why not take advantage of this legal obligation and create a relaxation space with cocoons that can benefit your employees on the daily?

You can get your employees napping furniture that will overall improve their wellbeing. Invest in a suitable arrangement that will isolate patients but also create a comfortable space for anyone to use when they are feeling tired.

Remember that this space must also accommodate an infirmary so that medical personnel can intervene if needed.

4. A 15 minute micro-nap is enough time to recharge your batteries

Naps are not meant to last hours. You just have to give yourself between 15 and 20 minutes to feel more relaxed, rested, and get off to a good start. A power nap in the afternoon will give you more energy and clarity. Preferably adopt a daily schedule for your naps and sleeping.

It is important to have restful sleep and in order to do that  you must sleep.

Having a night time routine signals the mind and body that bedtime is approaching and facilitates falling asleep.

“Once sleeping signals start coming out, and only then, does one begin their nightime routines such as putting on pjs, washing their face, and getting into bed.” says psychologist Séverine Brune, who specializes in managing insomnia.

So think about adopting a similar routine during your naps for the same magic to happen. For example, you can stretch, or prepare an audio to listen to before settling into your nap cocoon. This will allow your body to know that rest time is approaching

And if you like coffee, try to drink one just before settling into your nap chair. Caffeine takes 10 to 15 minutes to act so if you drink it right before your nap, you wake up just in time to benefit from the coffee and the nap.

5. Micro-naps are profitable for your company

And yes! Letting your employees take a fifteen minute break every day is a cost-effective solution for your company.

This time of disconnection in a business helps reduce the psycho-social risks incurred by stress, ill-being, or loss of motivation all of which create a cost for you and your company. In addition, a micro-nap prevents work accidents that occur mainly because of overwork and sleepiness. Today, reducing these risks is a real challenge for employers and HR.

Taking a nap of about 20 minutes lowers blood pressure and stress, thus reducing the risk of burn-out and cardiovascular accidents.

In 2012, a study by the National Institute for Health Surveillance (INVS) showed that one-third of workers between the ages of 25 and 45 slept less than 7 hours a day. Meanwhile it would take 8 hours of sleep per night, according to researchers in psychology at the University of Binghamton. “To feel good in your mind and body, you often need to recharge your batteries during the day,” says Dr. Agnès Brion. Sleep disorder psychiatrist and member of the Morpheus network, who specializes in managing sleep disorders.

Naps are therefore part of a proactive solution for companies to solve risks associated with accidents at work.

In the office, it is important to be efficient and alert throughout the day regardless of what professional sector you work in.

It is physiologically impossible to maintain the same level of concentration for hours. It is therefore normal to feel the need to take a break from work for a few minutes.

This is why napping is an excellent solution to meet this natural need. It is one of our 10 solutions to be implemented in your company this 2022.


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