A Zen room? Maybe. A nap room? Certainly not!

“Well-being at work” is a subject that is surely familiar to you. It has emerged in recent years thanks to new managerial practices. As a result, companies are focusing more on the well-being of employees and are starting to install rooms dedicated to employees’ rest periods… and so it’s all for the better! Often announced as the “new nap room” or the “new Zen space”, the place seems ideal to disconnect from your day’s work.

We note, however, that these spaces are often poorly adapted to the real need for disconnection: a zen room, perhaps, but a nap room, certainly not.

Why does your relaxation space have nothing to do with a micro-nap space?

We have found the three big problems:

1. There is no visual isolation

It is clearly not possible to isolate oneself from the rest of other employees in these spaces. The sofas, the armchairs are comfortable but you are still visible, so it is certain that your tranquility will not be respected and you may even be solicited.

Napping in the workplace is still seen as a taboo. Offices are often in open spaces, so we don’t dare lie down near our accounting colleague whom we just saw in a meeting. You need privacy, not to be observed, and that’s normal.

We will explain later in this article why visual isolation is one of the main keys to disconnection.

2. The relaxation area often becomes an informal meeting room

“Great, a Zen room!” was your first reaction, but over time, the space for relaxation has changed. Some will come to have their coffee here, discuss the topics of life or to make an update on their Thursday. It is also possible for your relaxation space to be taken over by an entire group that will do anything but rest and stay calm. – Dilemma – By the end of it, you will come to the zen room to check your phone and answer your messages. What happened to relaxing?

As you probably know, when you start to feel tired, the only way to recharge your batteries is to  take a micro-nap, where you can close your eyes in total serenity. A coffee break or a break in front of your phone will not offer the same benefits.

3. It is difficult to truly disconnect

All the above mentioned elements do not allow you to disconnect and it will be difficult to ask your coworkers to leave the zen space so that you can rest quietly. In addition, a large room,

although fitted out, does not help you to put yourself in the best conditions to rest. It will be difficult to forget that you are in your workplace and therefore to ignore your personal and professional worries


Do you feel like you will never have a proper nap room ? Don’t panic, it is actually possible to set up a real nap room !

Nap&Up offers you THE solution through a turnkey offer :

  • Development of micro-nap spaces

Providing a rest area is good, but to arrange it properly is better! One of our missions is to make every effort to help you install micro-nap spaces in your workspace, whether temporary or permanent.

We always advise you to choose a separate place preferably without too much traffic.

In our Paris office, The Square Renault, we have created a “Quiet Zone” – in other words, a quiet zone that at first sight resembles a classic meeting room. Just push the door of the and you will enter a nice and quiet atmosphere with dimmed lighting. This is where you will find our disconnection area, equipped with 3 micro-nap cocoons.

  • Comfort and visual isolation are respected

For the lucky ones who have already tested it, you could be immersed in an incomparable wellness bubble with a classic relaxation room. Thanks to the fabric shell that unfolds above the chair, you benefit from total visual isolation, and you are cut off from the outside world. Being visually and physically isolated is an essential point to successfully let go and disconnect from your day. You find your intimacy and serenity.

In addition, our micro-nap cocoons are equipped with an ergonomic foam armchair, its semi-elongated position is ideal for the practice of micro-nap.

  • A guided and personalized experience

An mobile application including a reservation system and guided micro-nap audios goes hand in hand with our cocoons:

The reservation system allows you to reserve your micro-nap slot in advance so you can be sure to take advantage of your disconnection time during the day. The micro-nap audios are made with the help of sophrologists and will guide you throughout your nap, until you waking up. You will also have the possibility to personalize your nap by choosing: duration, theme (letting go, relaxing before a presentation, etc.) and background sounds. More than a hundred audios are available to help you disconnect.

Want to have your own Quiet Zone or simply test our concept?

For a day, a week, a month or forever, we are happy to help you!

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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