Cultivate micro-naps and they will provide for you

Eccentric, crazy, unreasonable… criticism pours in to infect the idea of a micro-nap. The fact that people have to hide in order to rest shows that naps are still far from being fully legitimized in the corporate culture, despite the undeniable advantages it presents for employees and general productivity.

So, what can be done to make it less “shameful”? Like all good things, micro-naps are being cultivated– and companies are reaping its rewards.

Enhancing the value of micro-naps…

Integrating the flash nap into the corporate culture is not difficult and makes it possible to standardize a practice that is too often seen as laziness. Set up a nap room with appropriate cocoons, advertise “nap”, talk about it in meetings, and set an example… all this makes it possible to decompress and combat nap-shaming (1).

In doing so, management sends a positive message: micro-naps are encouraged to help employees do their best. It provides flexibility and understanding of employees’ needs as they no longer have to hide and disappear to rest.

Normalizing micro-naps makes the work environment less “toxic”. It shows that management listens, it reassures employees, and it makes the workplace less intimidating and allows employees to feel comfortable more quickly. With the flash nap, tensions disappear and the work climate improves.

This finding is part of a general trend aimed at improving the quality of life in companies by making them healthier and more welcoming. If cafeterias and gyms are gradually being incorporated into workspaces, why not nap rooms, which nevertheless also satisfy a biological need?

… to the rewarding micro-nap

While more than half of French people state that the working environment and the balance between private and professional life are determining criteria for choosing an employer(2), there are also shared values regardless of age or gender. It is crucial that companies improve their image if they want to recruit the best.

The increased value given to the micro-nap helps give a modern, benevolent and dynamic image to the company, making it  more attractive and desirable. It therefore facilitates the recruitment of talent and guarantees their productivity and commitment to a company that stands out.

So, cultivate in the micro-nap: you will reap the rewards!

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