Nap Cocoons in Paris Hospitals

At the beginning of November, Nap&Up cocoons were installed in four hospitals in Paris for a day with only one purpose: to offer staff (nursing or administrative) a moment of relaxation allowing them to recharge their batteries during their busy working day.

This initiative was a great success, and professionals from the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital, the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital, the Broca Hospital and the Cochin Hospital were able to take advantage of a micro-nap as well as sophrology workshops. But this day is not by chance and is not only part of a one-off day of quality of life at work.

Indeed, the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital’s Emergency Reception Service (ERS) decided to install a micro-nap cocoon for a few months.

The objective? To allow ERS professionals at the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital to benefit from a relaxation time during their day or night of work in order to measure the impact of a micro-nap on well-being at work: fatigue and stress, alertness, drowsiness, etc. are all factors on which the micro-nap can have an impact.

In addition, 21 ERS professionals volunteered to be equipped with actimeters, a bracelet that records data to analyze the quality of sleep, and to answer a questionnaire before and after the experiment.

At the end of this experiment, a formalized study could be initiated, allowing a scientific publication in partnership with Nap&Up. But that’s not all! This test will also make it possible to identify the opportunity or not to deploy cocoons on other services of the university hospital group. This initiative is not the first to see the light of day because Nap&Up has also installed its cocoons at the Intercommunal Hospital Center of Creteil.

The goal for Nap&Up in 2020?

Introduce micro-naps in the hospital environment, where work days are particularly busy.


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