Quiet Zone: Silence, we are micro-napping!

The heart of Paris is home to a Square that has nothing to do with geometric shapes: the ‘open lab innovation’ by Renault. It functions as a coworking space for around thirty companies, startups, NGOs, and other groups who share governance, working to shape the mobility of tomorrow and devise new ways of working. Nap&Up aligns with this latter theme by promoting micro-naps and workplace well-being and has established a dedicated space in this innovative location.

A pathway to micro-napping

The Quiet Zone set up by Nap&Up is, at first glance, a door to a meeting room that is slightly dimmer than the others: simply open it, and you’ll find yourself in a bubble of silence that invites exploration.

Three spaces follow one another :

• A reading area with a collaborative library that invites relaxation and reflection with a sofa;

• A Pachamama nursing chair to provide maximum comfort and excellent shoulder and back support for mothers

• Finally, you will find our 3 micro-nap pods, which can be reserved through the Nap&Up app!

In fact, more than just a sequence of spaces, the Quiet Zone is designed as a pathway to micro-napping : gradually dimmed lighting, decor becoming increasingly discreet, the concept is indeed about progressing towards well-being… within the very heart of a “lab” for work and collaboration!

The silence, freshness, and ambiance of the Quiet Zone immediately contrast with the rest of the premises, allowing for an immediate disconnection. This initiative not only aligns with the law, which has advocated for the “right to disconnect” since January 1, 2017 but also once again proves that work and well-being are not incompatible.

Upon exiting, one is rejuvenated, brimming with new ideas and thoughts. Thus, we depart, regenerated and serene, into the light, activity, and noise, all the while knowing that the Quiet Zone is never far away…

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