Quiet Zone: Silence, we are micro-napping!

By 18 July 2022 No Comments
Salle de sieste Nap&Up

The heart of Paris is home to a Square that has nothing to do with the geometric figure: Renault’s ‘open lab innovation’, it is organized in a coworking space for thirty companies, start-ups, NGOs and other groups that share the governance, working to organize tomorrow’s mobility and develop new ways of working. Nap&Up is working at this innovative place towards these ideas by promoting micro-naps and corporate well-being.

A path to micro-napping

The Quiet Zone installed by Nap&Up is, at first glance, just a door to a meeting room that is a little darker than usual: keep going to the next door and you will find yourself in a bubble of silence that invites exploration. You will find three spaces: a collaborative library that combines comfort and creativity with a big piece of art that displays some well chosen proverbs; a reading space that invites relaxation and reflection, and finally a room with cocoons for micro-naps open for all to enjoy. 

In fact, more than just a line up for rooms, the Quiet Zone is thought of as a path towards micro-naps: gradually dimmed lighting, decoration that becomes more and more discreet, the concept is thought out to walk you through a state of well-being … within a “lab” of work and collaboration!

A lock to disconnection 

The silence, freshness and atmosphere of the Quiet Zone greatley contrast with the rest of the premises, allowing for an immediate disconnection. This initiative is therefore not in line with the law, which since January 1, 2017 has advocated the “right to disconnect”, but also proves once again that work and well-being are not that incompatible.

By the end, we are rejuvenated, full of new ideas and new thoughts. As a last step, a panel with suggestions allows us to draw our ideal nap cocoon and a little warm-up before resuming work. So we leave the QuiteZone regenerated and serene; regardless of upcoming activities, or noice, you know that the QuietZone will never be too far away…

Accédez à votre espace avec vos identifiants et réservez directement en ligne votre prochaine micro-sieste sur votre lieu de travail.