These restaurants are opening up napping spaces

A good meal accompanied by a nap for our friends down in Toulouse

Although the subject of napping at work is still being debated in France, awareness of its benefits are slowly but surely taking over. Napping is above all a natural need, even in the workplace. The idea of napping at work is a phenomenon that comes from Asia where the two are synonymous with performance.

More and more, companies are understanding that napping is the perfect tool to increase productivity. They are taking the initiative by installing micro-nap spaces for the well-being of their employees. These short regenerative pauses have effects on memory, mood, creativity, vigilance etc.

Businesses, hospitals and universities have all started to implement this idea. It is now the restaurant’s turn to adopt this method by reorganizing unused space at work. Indeed, the post-lunch micro-nap is part of a real approach to well-being and allows you to start your afternoon in good shape.

Since 2018, Sixta Toulouse offers its customers, in addition to its 100% organic and vegetarian dishes, a micro-nap space with 6 Nap&Up’ cocoons designed specifically for napping.

Located at 📍28 Rue de Bayard, 31000 in Toulouse, this healthy restaurant offers a different concept for dining venues.

On the menu 👇🏼:

🍽 On-site dining and/or takeaway from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 2:30 pm.

🍵 A tearoom every afternoon from 2:30pm to 7pm

😴 6 Nap&Up nap cocoons carefully installed on two floors.

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