Rest areas dedicated for healthcare workers

Nap&Up moves it’s nap cocoons into hospitals

Since 2019, Nap&Up has been involved in improving the quality of life in hospitals for nursing staff by developing rest areas. The objective? To reimagine and recreate the classic break room into friendly, unifying and warm spaces that create a real bubble of disconnection.

Today, 80 rest bubbles have been installed in 31 health facilities throughout France : Rennes UHC, Dijon UHC, Nîmes UHC, Hôpital Saint–Joseph etc. Find all our health partners, our media releases, and testimonials of our facilities in hospitals here.

Thanks to the cocoon, hospitals and EHPAD have installed our napping furniture which allows them to create a real rest bubble for employees and isolate themselves while taking a guided nap. This is a perfect mix because we know that the sleep of French people  has deteriorated over the last 10 years. According to an Opinion Way study, 10% of French people who reported having no sleep disorder before the 1st lockdown reported developing one during the 2nd lockdown.

So what about healthcare workers who are in the frontlines being impacted the most by the pandemic?

It’s official, Nap&Up has joined the RESAH central purchasing office !

For the first time, a recovery solution for healthcare workers is available on the RESAH purchasing center.

What are the benefits for health facilities?

  • It is now even easier for establishments who wish to equip themselves with recovery spaces and our nap cocoon
  • Establishments will be able to benefit from discounted rates.

But above all, it is a great step forward in the mentality of well-being: it is important to take care of healthcare workers and incorporate strategies in healthcare institutions.

Together, we can change mindsets. More than ever, it is important to take care of healthcare workers and incorporate strategies in healthcare institutions.

The Fondation des Hôpitaux de France launches a call for projects “Let’s take care of those who care for us”

In the continuation of our product and to ensure that this initiative is non-exclusive, the Fondation des Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France is launching a call for projects “Let’s take care of those who care for us” proposing a national program to support healthcare workers and improve their quality of life at work.

The purpose of this hunt for proposals is to create a “Home for Healthcare Workers” by redesigning or building nap spaces dedicated to hospital staff.

How does it work ?

The Fondation des Hôpitaux is offering public and private non-profit hospitals finances for the  creation, development and organization of spaces dedicated to healthcare workers.

Conditions :

  • All projects will require a “Design and Fit-up of Space” component.

Each institution may choose to be accompanied by the providers of its choice. If you want to create a space of more than 20m², a solution must be proposed directly by the Foundation: Maison Sarah Lavoine and Ligne Roset.

  • Projects should also include the words “Organization and management of space”.

The purpose of these spaces dedicated to health workers is to meet the simple and yet indispensable needs in the face of hard work and burnout that healthcare workers are facing: sports activities, psychological support, nap cocoons or support groups. All ideas are welcome in order to offer well adapted solutions.

Would you like to obtain the official documents and be accompanied by Nap&Up ?

We can help guide you !

Would you like to know more about the conditions for this project ?

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