Studying and napping, what benefits do they provide students ?

At the dawn of their professional lives, young generations must address the topic of well-being at work from their higher education years onwards to become accustomed to finding pleasure in their work. The Nap&Up team has infiltrated universities and higher education institutions to learn more about the sleep and fatigue of students.

Stress, insomnia, a demanding pace – all these factors influence the quality of students’ sleep. Throughout their studies, they accumulate a sleep debt. 55% of students report having sleep problems in general, with 33% linked to stress*. Difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal or early awakenings, insomnia – all these factors contribute to their sleep debt.

Hugo, a student at the IUT in Annecy and a victim of stress and workload-related insomnia, says: “It’s only Wednesday, and I’m already missing 6 hours of sleep. I count the hours of sleep I lose every day… I don’t take naps ‘on principle,’ and I’m often very tired around 5 PM.”

So maybe with a 10-minute power nap, Hugo wouldn’t have had that energy slump at 5 PM and could have made it through the day…

Sleep needs vary depending on age. Accumulating a sleep debt has a major long-term impact: the risk of chronic diseases, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.**

At the University of Rouen, Marius spoke during open house days, saying, “I’m in my 6th year of medicine, and you’ve clearly saved my year!”

The benefits of power naps are no longer in doubt: increased productivity, concentration, and memory… Essential benefits for staying focused in class, taking exams with peace of mind, and most importantly, succeeding in one’s studies!

Since 2019, Nap&Up has installed power nap pods in several universities.

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Why? Quite simply, in response to the chronic fatigue and lack of sleep among students. Our mission began in the university library of Paris-Dauphine in June 2018, where nearly 150 power naps were taken in one week. During that week, 30% of surveyed students said they needed a power nap to manage their stress.

Hélène, a student at Dauphine, was able to test the power nap pod: “Thanks to Nap&Up for their power nap pod, which allows us to take a quick nap in the best possible conditions… Thank you to the library for hosting this type of initiative; it’s remarkable, and it was about time! When you see all the students sleeping in class, in the hallways, or on the bean bags in front of the library, it’s obvious there’s a real need! It’s proven, everyone knows it, napping is beneficial and improves concentration, so what are we waiting for to offer a rest area with several power nap pods to all students?”

Since Paris Dauphine, installations within universities have multiplied, especially… in university libraries!

And it’s not just French universities that have decided to trust us; it’s also the case… in Canada!

Since April 2022, students in Quebec have access to two power nap pods at Laval University. The feedback from our Canadian cousins is unequivocal… It’s a resounding success!

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