Time changes: Who is it for? When? Why ?

On March 29, we move to summer time ☀️
It’s time ! ⏰

The time change is this weekend.It is during the night of Saturday 28 March to Sunday 29 March that the hands of your clocks will move forward. That is to say that at 2am… It’ll be 3:00am already. It’s an hour of lost sleep but don’t panic, because it saves you an hour with the people you love, it’s better, right? Much has been written about the subject in France since its implementation in 1975. Some people love it while others don’t.  But wait? Wasn’t 2019 the last year of the time change ? Much has been written about the subject in France since its implementation in 1975. Some people love it while others don’t.  But wait ? Wasn’t 2019 the last year of the time change ?Not really, the European Parliament has decided to extend the date to 2021.  So, are you for or against time changes?

In 2018, the European Commission organized an online survey  where 80% of Europeans were in favor of abandoning the time change.  That’s not all… the French answered a questionnaire of the National Assembly : 61.16% have a “negative or very negative experience” compared to 25.25% who declare to have a satisfactory experience of the time change.

This extra hour has a real impact, especially on energy. The goal is to adapt to sunlight to reduce energy costs. For example, the study published by Scientific American shows that this switch to summer time allows, in the United States, an energy saving of 1%. In France, we believe that this change of time also allows for real energy and CO2 savings.

🌏 Several countries have already abandoned the time change: China, Belarus, Russia and Turkey. 🌏

And since that is not the case in France, we’ve come up with the perfect recipe to deal with the time change :

1. Anticipate a few days before and go to bed earlier than usual so that your body gradually adapts to the new cycle.

2. Have a regular bedtime and wake up time to adjust your biological clock.

3. Trade your phone for a good book. Unfortunately, the blue light projected by your screen slows the secretion of melatonin which strongly affects your sleep and the quality of your sleep.

4. Eat light and don’t eat too late to fully enjoy your night’s sleep.

5. Nap ! It is very common during long days to feel the need to rest. Opt for a restorative micro nap of about 20 minutes. This is indeed the optimal time to feel the benefits of the nap without disturbing your nighttime routine.

If you want to know more about the micro nap, its optimal duration, or if you just don’t know how or where to take one, you can read this article.

Now you have all the tips to prepare for summer time.

Healthy living and sleep, even in a business, is important. Yes… because remember that napping at work is not always forbidden !

So if you have an office and a space dedicated to napping, enjoy ! Otherwise, ask us, because that is exactly what we are here for !


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