What if we took a “coffee nap”?

“Isn’t it a little late for a coffee” Is a phrase that all coffee drinkers know. Caffeine has a molecule that impacts our brain directly and can disturb sleep. On the other hand, drinking a cup of coffee before taking a short break from work is recommended. You’re probably wondering how to combine coffee, which is supposed to keep us awake, with sleep and especially, nap time ?

Let us introduce you to the winning coffee + nap combo, more commonly known as “nappuccino” or “coffee nap”.

The French and coffee breaks: a love story

First, let’s look at the “Panorama of coffee consumption” a study conducted by the IFOP: 83% of French people consume coffee daily. A third of this percentage consumes this hot drink outside of home of which 72% is in the workplace.

In short, the coffee break has become a social ritual during work and even more the ritual of leaving the workspace for just a few moments. Many people meet near the coffee machine to greet each other, or to tell each other about their weekend. Just like the tea o’clock in England, coffee in the office is rooted in tradition. 

Moreover, at Nap&Up we sometimes organize breakfasts with coffee and pastries, to start the week well. It is a moment appreciated by all, which allows us to strengthen our team spirit and get to know each other better. You should also know that at the office, coffee is provided by our coworking place, the Square, which works with Pfaff coffee shops, a French roaster.

More than just a social ritual, it is also proven that a “kawa”, consumed in moderation, improves our cognitive performance, which we will explain below.

The benefits of coffee and naps

With a maximum of three cups of coffee per day, espresso has many positive effects on our health and especially for our brain. The main effect being waking up and giving us a boost. Also, according to a study conducted by Dr.Adela Navarro, cardiologist at the Pamplona Hospital in Spain, caffeine stimulates the body and increases the quality of our long-term memory. It is also an anti-migraine because it acts on the cerebral arteries and by default, relieves headaches. On the other hand, beyond the recommended amounts, the “kawa” can have negative impacts such as digestive, cardiac, nervous and even worse problems. Be vigilant about your consumption.

When we list the benefits of coffee consumed in moderation, it vaguely reminds us of something… BINGO ! The virtues of napping are similar! As a reminder, a 20-minute daily nap regulates stress-related hormones, helps muscle recovery and helps in the restructuring of neurons. In other words, a nap in the office improves your memory, concentration and alertness.

What do we think at Nap&Up?

At the office, we are all strong advocates of the micro nap. As part of International Coffee Day, we would like to share our vision regarding the relationship between coffee and napping.

Take the example of Camille, the co-founder : “I know that caffeine takes 20 minutes to act , so I have my little ritual. After lunch, I go back to work at my desk while I drink coffee and when I feel my energy diminishing, I take my nap, which is at the end of my coffee.”

There is also Eudes, Regional Development Officer: “It’s a habit : I have lunch and then I have coffee and I go to take a nap in my favorite nap cocoon to avoid the afternoons.”

Estelle, in charge of communication, prefers to have her coffee after a short nap : “I often reserve a nap slot around 3pm, this corresponds to the moment when my energy drops. After recharging my batteries and relaxing with the nap audios, I enjoy a nice hot coffee to get back to work.”

Coffee + a nap, a winning combo ?

Coffee lovers, fear no longer! It is entirely possible to reconcile your passion for the flash nap with a “nappuccino”The idea is to drink coffee before a micro-nap of maximum 20 minutes which is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of rest and be awake for the moment when caffeine begins to act.

Although the positive effects of coffee on our body are little known, the benefits of napping at work are certain, it is time to take a nap and  boost your productivity !

In conclusion, coffee + nap = productivity


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