Don’t worry, be happiness managed

Corporate well-being is becoming more and more important: it requires a good relationship with colleagues, pleasant areas, the possibility of taking a regenerative break without feeling guilty and feeling understood by management. The “Happiness Manager” profession takes on this responsibility by ensuring happiness at work.

Who, what, when, where, why?

But what is a ‘happiness manager’? The title seems far-fetched and may even inspire mistrust: could this be a new method of pushing employees to unattainable productivity levels by making them believe that it is for their own good? Not at all! Creating a position dedicated to happiness in the workplace makes it possible to embody it: rather than an abstract notion or a distant idea, it is a matter of entrusting an essential mission to a person who will be totally dedicated to it.

The existence of such a function allows of course for better dialogue with the employees, to guarantee the company’s responsibility, and not to put happiness at work at the bottom of the list. The ‘happiness manager’ can survey the needs of a company, collect proposals from employees and provide appropriate solutions.

And concretely?

The role of “happiness manager” is necessary in a company that is constantly evolving: while start-ups are multiplying and freelancers are proliferating, the “manager of happiness” takes into account the interests of each person and transcends work positions.

It gives a vision of a rewarding company, one that listens, and is aware that wages and well-being go hand in hand with productivity and prosperity. This is reflected in the organization of events, fun activities internal or external to the company, wellness days, original surprises, sporting moments, resourcing, etc.

Spread happiness

So why don’t companies have ‘happiness managers’ already? A search on LinkedIn shows about twenty candidates in France, a number that is very different from the U.S. Spreading the responsibility of providing happiness to multiple people remains the norm, even if it poses the obvious problem of efficiency when it becomes just another goal.

For the micro-nap, the advantages have been shown: now we just have to bring it into consciousness and reality.

So, let’s not delay it anymore: happiness is knocking at your company’s door!

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