How do you choose the right pillow for you ?

Sleep plays a crucial role in our daily well-being. Each night’s sleep will have a great influence on the day that follows, meaning that it is incredibly necessary to choose the right pillow because the pillow is the shoe of the head…

Explanations :

Which pillow shape ?

A basic principle to know is to keep the head, neck and spine aligned in a single axis in order to avoid any tension in the cervical and lumbar muscles. Then, it is your sleeping habits and body type that will indicate which pillow to get.

If you are used to falling asleep on your side, you should get a rectangular pillow so that only your head is aligned. If your shoulders are elevated by the pillow, your head will have to stretch down and make an effort to be on the pillow. If, on the other hand, you sleep on your stomach or back, it is a square pillow that will best suit your sleeping habits by only elevating your neck.

A level of comfort adapted to your morphology and sleeping habits

Regarding the flexibility of your pillow :

  • Flat pillows are best for those who sleep on their stomach in order to respect the body’s arch and not cause tension on the spine. It is important to position the pillow at the chest and not just the neck to avoid creating tension. This is ideal for children.
  • Soft pillows follow your movements during the night and adapt. Ideal for people whose sleeping position is on their side, memory-shaped pillows provide enough volume to allow the filling to take the shape of your head and ensure a comfortable rest.
  • Hard pillows offer a more sustained, compact and intense comfort. It is suitable for sleepers who require a good support of the upper back and head. The best sleeping position for this pillow is on the side or on the back.

Following a study at the Sleep Center of the Hôtel Dieu in Paris conducted in 2014, the Petit Meunier brand was able to identify different types of sleepers. They now offer a wide range of pillows allowing each sleeper to find their perfect pillow.

🇫🇷 100% of their pillows are made in France, in their Bourguignon workshop.

🌱Mindful of societal and environmental responsibilities, the Petit Meunier brand has 100% carbon-offset activity and packs its pillows in woven bags that can be reused for sports, travel, or storage.

Find the pillow of your dreams with Petit Meunier


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