The app that lets you get away from work!

At the end of this year, Nap&Up is taking even more care of your employees. On Friday, November 22nd, Nap&Up introduced its new app during a breakfast organized in partnership with My Happy Job, at Les Canaux.

Don’t panic, if you weren’t there, we’ll explain everything to you:

To help your employees to disconnect, Nap&Up provides relaxation audios developed in partnership with sophrologists and hypnotherapists. Their aim is to meet the needs that employees may have during their working day.

But what’s new about this app? 

First of all, we decided to completely rework the reservation system to make it more intuitive and more fluid to facilitate the reservation of the employees’ micro-nap time slots. For our part, this app allows us to send a monthly summary of naps taken.

Feeling tired all of a sudden? Want to disconnect from your workday? After creating your account on the app, you can book your nap time directly from the home screen. On this same screen, you can see your entire napper profile and book your future naps!

Just after booking or before going to the cocoon, it will be necessary to set up a micro-nap audio! Until now, only one guided micro-nap audio was offered. Now it is possible to customize it.

6 themes have been developed in partnership with a sophrologist. It helped us to identify the situations where employees most need to practice a micro-nap to disconnect from their working day: you need to recharge before an important appointment? You are tired because your child doesn’t sleep through the night? And so on!

In addition to these themes, there are 6 background sounds, to be chosen according to one’s preferences. We are already working on new themes and new soundtracks.

The objective? A custom-made micro-nap for all desires! Stay tuned!

Sit comfortably with your legs and arms extended”. When these first words ring out, you quickly feel immersed in a new universe, especially thanks to the variety of background sounds” says Elias, the first tester of the app in the Le Square co-working space.

A new offer that comes in addition to the two other activities already present: the development of micro-nap space and an event offer aimed at raising employee awareness of this practice.


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